~ Woodworker ~


Theodore has been surfing and paddling in the Puget Sound and on the Pacific Coast for most of his life. Red Cedar Paddleboards grew out of his love of nature and a background in woodworking. In 2010 Theodore began experimenting with wooden surfboard construction and soon had fallen down the design rabbit hole. His custom hollow-bodied boards currently blend classic and modern styles and build methods. Theodore uses local wood products like sustainably harvested Western Red Cedar from the Olympic Peninsula and non-toxic adhesives and finishes including SuperSap Bio Epoxy Resin and tree lignin-based cloth on all of his boards in order to bring an environmental construction ethic to these sports that take place in the outdoors. Red Cedar Paddleboards have been shown in the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival and other parts of the Northwest craft community. Theodore continues to be inspired by the unique experience that comes with using a hand-made craft in the outdoors. He lives near the water in Seattle, Washington with his beautiful wife and family.